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  • Turan C. Crockett, Principal

School Mission

Wendell Smith Elementary School’s mission is to prepare scholars for life through experiential learning opportunities by building the capacity of all teachers and staff through intentional professional development opportunities that are rooted in social and emotional learning (SEL) and academic needs (MTSS) of all scholars. We will leverage the voices of our scholars and promote self-advocacy, while actively engaging our parents and community stakeholders as partners, thus cultivating an environment that is safe,  and responsive to the needs of all. 

School Vision

Wendell Smith elementary school provides our scholars with access to high quality, differentiated, and rigorous instruction that empowers them to articulate and value their knowledge and skills that will allow them to actively and positively contribute to their community. Smith openly embraces the uniqueness and diversity amongst our parents and community stakeholders that cultivates an environment that leans on one another to improve scholar outcomes, experiences and access. Our teachers and staff are responsive to the needs of all scholars, reflective in their practice, and are committed to utilizing resources and support that enables them to grow professionally and take risks in the best interests of our scholars.